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The lovebirds were pitted against each other in a heated bidding war when they were both determined to take home the same photograph from a Sotheby's auction.

Chuck wanted to woo a potential business partner with the photo, and Blair believed the picture was her entry into a secret collegiate society. were faced with possibly crossing each other to get their prize, their relationship was put to the test.

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Gossip Girl’s lines are getting more ridiculous every week. Minus 20 because at this point this unholy nectar is likely all over Manhattan and insanely poisonous.

I honestly expected her next gossip blast to be “Chuck Bass maintains massive boner despite mystery cocktail of liquor and drugs,” or “Nate escapes Jenny’s platinum tendrils of seduction, rescued by Serena’s locks of golden love” or something else equally nauseating and absurd.

I have no problem saying those three words, eight letters to these two. From their insanely hot first hookup in a limo to what looks to be their wedding in the finale tonight, they are the King and Queen B. Could a normal relationship withstand an attempt to sell the girlfriend for a hotel, a pregnancy and marriage to another (royal) guy, a near-death car accident, approximately 8 million breakups and 9 billion revenge hookups? But the love between the bespoke-purple-suited Chuck and crowned-by-headband Blair is not for mere mortals. Best: Rufus and Lily How can a couple that makes no sense at all still make so much sense?

Worst: Blair and Dan Yes, they're the two smartest members of the crew who share pretentious tastes in literature and old movies and love/hate feelings towards Serena. He's obsessed with waffles, the only carb she touches is vodka.

And I know that a guy really likes me when he gives up something to help me out.