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There are twenty articles giving a biblical Christian perspective on topics such as love, singleness, dating, homosexuality, same sex marriages, cloning, forgiveness in marriage, adultery of the heart, infertility, pornography, abortion, sex before marriage, prostitution, sexually transmitted disease, marrying an unbeliever and masturbation. It is imperative that in pre-marital counseling, the human counselor should look to Him and His Word for instruction.

But you can do a few simple things to strengthen your marriage.

Read more Article Joseph Warren Kniskern Managing finances in a blended family is complicated because of the interconnected relationships.

It’s typical these days for a couple to meet, sleep together after the third date, and then get married within two years.

If you’re satisfied with this, then I don’t think you’ll like this book.

and Nan Silver (John Gottman was highly recommended and has a lot of books so this might just be a jumping off point for his other works.)Embracing the Body: Finding God in Our Flesh and Bone by Tara M.