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Here are ten introductory assets of the "Brocade City": #1 PANDAS Not counting the diminishing forests where they actually originate, Chengdu is China's "Panda Central." Just on the outskirts of town in the parks and gardens of the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, scientists study and breed both the popular black and white giant pandas and their raccoon-like red cousins. can watch the blasé creatures chomping on the special species of bamboo which is meticulously harvested and carted down from the forests to feed them.#2 TRADITION Nestled among the downtown skyscrapers are two neighborhoods which have been preserved and re-created to represent the streets of old.Nearly all of the apps listed below are on Android as well, with the exception of the China Air Pollution Index app.

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Pleco is easy to use and includes features like color-coded characters which help you remember tones.

It’s in simplified and traditional Chinese and its feature list includes everything you really need.

Daoxuan, a famous Tang Dynasty (618-907) monk, once wrote that an official rite to pray for rain to end a persistent drought was held in front of the temple, and it rained as if the prayers had been heard in heaven.

That was how the temple got its name Fugan, which means "feeling the blessing".

It's central Tianfu Square still boasts a giant statue of Mao -- directly facing the Citi Bank branch, and from there it is easy to shop, sightsee, and sample street foods.