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Well probably only to me since I texted ppl on Kik since 3rd grade. Also KIK is a lot different now then it used to be.

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It's been connected to the alleged murder of a 13-year-old Virginia girl by a college student. If you ask someone for pics they may or may not send them to you. It wont show the message they sent just their name and picture and if i know them i can accept and see the message and if i dont i can decline.

Parents also should be aware that inside the , where you can read about musical artists, see photos, watch videos, buy merchandise, and, of course, chat with other fans. Learn more about the pros and cons of I am 13 years old and I have kik nothing has ever happened to me and I've had it for about a year I only use it to kik about two of my fitness who don't have phones you can accept or decline people and block them it's safe and like if somebody is trying to harass you or whatever tell them your gonna tell your parents even tho you won't and most of the time they will back off if they don't leave it's all about trusting your kid and it's up to them to accept or decline somebody Haha these comments are funny. Keep it on private and only allow people you know to text you then you will b fine. You just have to trust your kid to either click accept or decline.

The other thing kids like about is that you can sign up with only a username; you don't have to tie your account to your phone number, as you would with traditional SMS messaging. And if you did your kid will end up being so left out maybe start getting bullied and where will all that hate go to? They did not directly ask that question because they asked age first, but that was the intent of their account.

That lets you chat with a much wider range of potential chat buddies -- whom you may or may not know. I was not exposed to anything inappropriate but I could have been.. -a fellow teen I have Kik and mine asks if I want to text this person and if i know them.

Tell at least two people where you are going and when you could be expected back.


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