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To access all the services and activities for Bed Wetter's please click on the " However we also cater to AB's (Adult Baby's), TB's (Teen Baby's) and DL's (Diaper Lovers). Because sometimes, SOMETIMES bed wetter's look to the AB/TB/DL lifestyle as a way to cope. But some AB/TB/DL's have at some point dealt with bed wetting (Enuresis) in their lives or are still dealing with it and doing this helps them cope with it.Not to mention AB/TB/DL's are some of the best people to talk to regarding the best absorbent products (AKA Diapers) to use as well as the best way to dispose of them, hiding the diapers, ways to hide that you are wearing a diaper and rash care. To access all the services and activities for AB/TB/DL's please click on the "The message board is free to anyone that wants to use it.

Here at baby pants we are all about babies and bedwetters.

We rush through life pushed to grow up, to achieve, to reach the next level.

Kyle was a nice kid, was helpful to a fault but a bit shy, some might even say painfully shy.

The shyness came from his stature, you see he was only four foot- eight and around 90 pounds if he was soaking wet.

During potty training some are lost off the conveyor belt.