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Defeated, his last act was to give Phoenix a stroke on the planetary level. Then, 150 years in the future, a Phoenix egg hatched and Phoenix was reborn once more.

It was revealed that instead of rejoining the X-Men after Phoenix's death, a mourning Cyclops quit the team leaving a desperate Beast to pick up the pieces.

After Carly comes home, her friends (Spencer, Freddie, Sam, and Gibby) surprise her with her new room, which is equipped with technological gimmicks, a trampoline, a sandwich ice-cream couch, and a now fire-retardant gummybear chandelier. " Sam: "It makes you look like a girl." Spencer: [flips hair] "Does not!

Meanwhile, Spencer also gets a haircut from Gibby's blind grandfather, Gilbert Gibson, (Jack Carter), at Carly's request. Spencer : "(about the birthday pie) And it contains your 2 favorite flavors! [gibby shows up from the pie] Sam : What's wrong Gib ? Spencer : I told you to breath through the tube Gibby : I Couldn't find the tube! " Sam: "Ti consiglio di fare gli auguri di compleanno a Carly ora altrimenti ti spezzo le gambe! I took a bullet in Korea and now I can't get a lousy glass of plum juice! [feels Spencer's chest] Oh, yeah..." Sam: "Right, which is why I had to make a shank."Freddie:"So what's better, a shank or a shiv?

In the White Hot Room, Jean appeared in her White and Gold Phoenix costume and was referred to by the Phoenix Consciousness as a White Phoenix of the Crown.


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