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Carlos publicó un “antes y después” donde comparó su apariencia cuando encarnaba a Luciano y su actual personaje en “Amanda”, Gaspar.

Lo más de 76 mil seguidores del artista rápidamente reaccionaron a la instantánea, destacando que siempre ha sido atractivo, pero que con el tiempo está mucho más guapo.“Como el vino”, “Me gustas más ahora”, “Como un buen vino chileno”, “Más rico con los años”, “Yo que tengo 28 años me quedó con el de ahora… ahora está como un filete de primer corte” y “Me encanta desde que apareció por primera vez en la TV… Realmente como el vino”, le escribieron sus fanáticas.

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By SCOTT ORGERAAssociated Press NEW YORK (AP) - Mets outfielder Michael Conforto dislocated his left shoulder and suffered a tear while swinging at a pitch Thursday, and will go the disabled list.

Hours after New York lost to Arizona 3-2, the team announced an MRI revealed a tear in the posterior capsule of Conforto's shoulder.

Stated differently, continued use of medical marijuana as a reasonable accommodation request is not facially unreasonable. Barbuto has little or no appetite, finds it difficult to maintain a healthy weight, and typically uses marijuana for medicinal purposes in small quantities two or three times per week. Barbuto did not use marijuana daily, nor would she consume it before or during work. Barbuto’s employer, Advantage Sales & Marketing, required her to submit a urine sample as part of the hiring process. Barbuto was up front with her future supervisor about her diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and her medical marijuana use.

In , the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) reversed the Superior Court’s decision granting summary judgment to the employer and reinstated the employee’s handicap discrimination claim under the Fair Employment Practices Act (M. The decision further reports that her future supervisor responded that this “should not be a problem,” which he later confirmed with others at the company. Barbuto received a call from a human resources representative, who informed her that she was terminated for testing positive for marijuana.

Zielinski, Grady and Associates, of San Diego, CA, argued for petitioner. Smith, Attorney, Office of the General Counsel, Merit Systems Protection Board, of Washington, DC, argued for respondent. Eisenmann, General Counsel, and Keisha Dawn Bell, Deputy General Counsel. Conforto seeks review of the Merit Systems Protection Board's dismissal of her appeal for lack of jurisdiction. Conforto now challenges this court's jurisdiction to hear her appeal in light of the Supreme Court's recent decision in Kloeckner v. Finally, she complains that after her retirement the agency issued her a letter charging her with improperly copying materials from her work computer, gave her a negative interim appraisal for the year 2010, and did not give her a bonus or raise for that year. Conforto filed an EEO complaint with her agency in June 2010, alleging discrimination based on age and sex as well as reprisal for prior EEO activity. In certain cases, the employee has a third option—to file an appeal from the employing agency's final action to the Merit Systems Protection Board. Conforto failed to satisfy her burden of making non-frivolous allegations that she had been subjected to coercive pressures sufficient to compel a reasonable person to retire involuntarily. AFFIRMEDIn my view, the majority's jurisdictional holding is inconsistent with the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA), see 5 U.