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I think that's what both I and Law Researcher Missy said. BUT, parents in Ohio DO have legal control over the child until she is 18. I think it was the timing in the posts appearing in the thread. I just thought you were misunderstanding our posts.

Only when the parents object, is there a problem with it. Clearly, mine, at least, had not appeared when you responded. Best choice for this kid - have a burger, see a movie, go bowling - but HANDS OFF. This site is very helpfull im defently comeing back when i have another question.

It's a little stupid in that if there is any sex it's rape automatically since children of that age are not deemed capable of intelligent consent.

Further, since brains are not fully developed even in 17 year old, neither partner can act intelligently and the older male will definitely go to jail.

If your parents are okay with it, the law is okay with that. The law cares very much who has sexual contact with minors, and please note that sexual contact is not limited to intercourse.