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Now we offer the following products by an industrial complex JSC GPK "Efremovsky" (Tula region): Piglets Prestarter • Protein and energy balance • High level of milk protein • Safe in use • Natural smell and taste NASCOR - prestarter feed for chickens-broilers 0-5 days ADVANTAGES: • an optimal granule size 2 mm • contains digestible components • properly balanced composition of nutrients, vitamins and minerals • contains grain-growing enzymes and phytase BENEFITS FROM USAGE • rapid start • good feed intake • prophylactics of after precocial stress • additional increase of living mass • decline of end product net cost In the nearest plans of company is expansion of new pork and poultry products delivery from GPK "Efremovsky" (Tula region).

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It visibly changes how we see the moon at night, and is the reason it is sometimes full or partly shaded.

These phases can either be classed as waxing and waning: The moon is waxing (which means growing) in the phases known as new moon, crescent moon, first-quarter moon and gibbous moon.

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