Bristol naked cam

Details shared by the account said the mysterious craft was seen flying approximately 1000ft up at 9.30pm on Saturday night.

As none of the crew knew what they had come into contact with, they Tweeted about the incident, posting “Any suggestions?

” on the social media site after uploading the mysterious footage.

The disgusted victim of the incident Dave Edmonds said: "I was just shocked really.

I have had people shout names and abuse at me while cycling, but never anything like this before."It is wrong, and it is clear that he was intending to cause me injury."And a furious cyclist in Slough, Berks.

However, a female Tory supporter of my acquaintance offers a different perspective, saying: ‘I blame Samantha Cameron for pushing Dave away from traditional Conservative views into hippy-dippy, New Agey-thinking, which they think will win over non-traditional Tories.