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Almost invariably carried out by men on women; to be a male recipient means you're either extremely lucky or the giver believes you, as the British say, to bat for the other side.

A common, braindead, and therefore quintessentially British phrase, which explains the strange and nonsensical definition(s) sitting next to this one.

To speak to someone with the intent of eventually engaging in sexual intercourse with them.

Generally conducted in a relaxed, playful and outstandingly obvious manner.

" Guy 2: "Yeah, I'm gonna chat up the one in the tight black skirt. The girl goes to the restroom while the guy places the order.


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    Hospitality is big business here, and where there is hospitality, there is glamour.

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    My biggest problem with it and it's something my husband knows is that I have always had self-esteem issues about my body and I'll give him that his always been really supportive, don't get me wrong I'm not an extreamist but there's alot I'm uncomfortable about my body which stems from being raped when I was 13.

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    The staff of the Daedunsan said, “After the scene at ‘Rooftop Prince’ aired, the enquiry for the cable car increased.

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    “Jane the Virgin” (0.2, 870,000) hit a new low in the demo.