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But does it really help us meet our perfect companion, or is digital dating our downfall?

I had to turn to my friends when doing research for this piece.

Winston-Salem has offered slim pickings for a liberal thinker who says his new book, “It Really Is That Complicated,” “grabs the reader and propels them through the exotic (and erotic) landscape that is the foundation for male/female relationships.” The city is “extremely conservative, politically and in its view on life,” he says.

There are plenty of eligible women, with one problem: “They could be Miss America or a member of Mensa, but as soon as they say ‘I’m a Republican,’ probably in five minutes we won’t be talking.” My wife was raised a Democrat and typically cancels out my votes for political office. You might like the same music; admire the same principles; have similar attitudes towards what makes a person worthwhile. It seems to me that it would be a shame to throw all that out the window over politics.

On the other hand, many of my friends use Tinder to meet new people and go on dates.


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