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I don't care about syncing photos, music, whatever (though I'm glad the device has those features) nearly as much as I care about syncing contacts and calendar data.Black Berry has now switched to Android for its phones. CEO John Chen said in an interview with The National that Black Berry will continue to support BB10 for owners of existing devices "for a minimum of two years" but the company will not be using the operating system going forwards.Edit for OP's structure: Then you will have to either 1) Include project1 in the path in your .gitignore: I took your change, updated the .gitignore file and did a "git add ." -- and it proceeded to add all of my bin folders/. I'm a git newbie, I'm afraid, but it seems like something isn't working correctly. I know it's an old post, but I was still having this problem, and using Msys Git 1.8.0, I was not able to use the accepted answer by @manojlds.

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Once the Black Berry Desktop Software is installed on your computer, follow these steps: Customer who have set up an e-mail account on a Black Berry device and then get a new Black Berry device will need to move their e-mail accounts to access them on the new device.

I don't agree this is a dupe-- I already searched for someone asking a similar question but couldn't find one. The two answers here do exactly the same thing as in the other question, with the subdirectory changed to a wildcarded path in the directory.

The task took hours to complete, but once done I deleted that account and re-created it using Exchange Active Sync protocol... It seems that the config out of the box can handle very small mailboxes, but I just can not get this large mail account (around 4GB) to sync.

There is not much in the Inbox but there are lots of other folders; some of them have as many as 5,000 messages apiece.

I expected sync to take some time but it just doesn't happen at all.