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Now, such a self-indulgent activity yields around 200,000 hits. “People talk shit on the Internet.”Six months ago, when Dern entered his name into the all-powerful search engine, he would have been lucky to get a couple hundred hits, most of them tied to other Nate Derns out there in cyberspace. I think Ashton Kutcher has done a VERY nice job making this show. And about the candidates, well, some of the girls are pretty dumb, but certainly not all of them.

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Nonetheless, Dern, Harvard’s biggest reality-TV star, has learned a harsh lesson in the past few weeks: after the cameras go off, you’re just another face in the crowd.

MAKE-BELIEVEA joint Social Anthropology and Religion concentrator and lead singer of Star Wars tribute band So Long Princess, Dern found sudden notoriety this winter thanks to his appearance on the third season of the reality television show “Beauty and the Geek.” The series, a self-proclaimed “social experiment” crafted by none other than “Punk’d” star Ashton Kutcher, paired eight socially inept men with visually stimulating, intellectually lacking ladies.

Also I found it very amusing to look at the show and be amazed about Richard and how a guy could EVER be so weird.

If I didn't watch the show for its very interesting psychological turns, it would be because of the very pretty ladies.

Today, Dern takes us back to those days, and specifically behind the scenes of his “TV romance” with model Jennylee Berns during filming on .