Baseball dating terminology

A - LSD A1 - amphetamine ABBEY HABIT - amphetamine ABBOTTS - barbiturates ABOLIC - veterinary steroid A-BOMB - marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium A-BOOT - under the influence of drugs ACAPULCO GOLD - marijuana ACAPULCO RED - marijuana AC/DC - codeine cough syrup ACE - cannabis cigarette ACID - LSD ACID FREAK - heavy user of LSD ACIDHEAD - an abuser of LSD ACID HOUSE - broad range of music associated with raves ADAM - ecstasy AFGHAN - Cannabis AFGHAN BLACK - type of cannabis resin AFRICAN BLACK - marijuana AFRICAN BUSH - marijuana AFRICAN WOODBINE - marijuana cigarette AGONIES - withdrawal symptoms AH-PEN-YEN - opium AIMIES - amphetamine; also amyl nitrite AIP - heroin from Afghanistan, Iran, & Pakistan AIR BLAST - inhalant AIRHEAD - marijuana user AIRPLANE - marijuana AL CAPONE - heroin ALIAMBA - PCP ALL LIT UP - under the influence of drugs ALL STAR - user of multiple drugs ALL AMERICAN DRUG - cocaine ALPHA-ET - alpha-ethyltryptamine AMBIENCE HOUSE - soft music in chill out areas of clubs AMES - amyl nitrite AMIDONE - methadone AMP - ampoule AMP - marijuana dipped in formaldehyde or embalming fluid, sometimes laced with PCP and smoked AMP HEAD - LSD user AMP JOINT - marihuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic AMPED - high on amphetamines AMPED-OUT - fatigue after using amphetamine AMPH - amphetamine AMPHETS - amphetamine AMT - dimethyltryptamine AMYS - amyl nitrite ANADROL - oral steroids ANALGESICS - pain-killers ANATROFIN - injectable steroids ANAVAR - oral steroids ANGEL - PCP ANGELS - amytal ANGEL DUST - PCP ANGEL HAIR - PCP ANGEL MIST - PCP ANGEL POKE - PCP ANGIE - cocaine ANGOLA - marijuana ANIMAL - LSD ANIMAL TRANK - PCP ANIMAL TRANQUILISER - PCP ANTIFREEZE - heroin APACHE - fentanyl APPLE - non-addict APPLE JACKS - crack ARIES - heroin AROMA - isobutyl nitrite AROMA OF MEN - isobutyl nitrite AROUND THE TURN - having gone through withdrawal period ARTILLERY - addicts equipment - syringe etc ASHES - marijuana ASSASSIN OF YOUTH - marijuana ASTRO TURF - marijuana ATOM BOMB - marijuana and heroin ATSHITSHI - marijuana AUNT HAZEL - heroin AUNT MARY - marijuana AUNT NORA - cocaine AUNTI - opium AUNTI EMMA - opium AURORA BOREALIS - PCP AUTHOR - doctor who writes illegal prescriptions B B - small amount of marijuana B-40 - cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor BABE - drug used for detoxification BABY - marijuana BABY BHANG - marijuana BABY HABIT - occasional use of drugs BABYSIT - guide someone through first drug experience BABY T - crack BACK BREAKERS - LSD and strychnine BACK DEX - amphetamine BACKDOOR - residue left in a pipe BACKJACK - injecting opium BACK TO BACK - smoking crack after injecting heroin or heroin used after smoking crack BACKTRACK - to withdraw plunger of needle drawing blood into syringe BACKUP - prepare vein for injection BACKWARDS - a relapse; also depressants BAD BUNDLE - inferior quality heroin BAD - crack BAD CRACK - cocaine BAD GO - bad reaction to a drug BAD ROCK - crack BAD TRIP - horrible, frightening hallucinations BAG - container for drugs BAG BRIDE - crack-smoking prostitute BAG OF BILLY - amphetamine BAG MAN - drug supplier BAGGING - method of sniffing glue BALEARIC - house music which is not heavy, more melodic BALE - marijuana BALL - crack; also Mexican black tar heroin BALLING - vaginally implanted cocaine BALLOON - heroin supplier BALLOT - heroin BAM - depressant; amphetamine BAMBA - marijuana BAMBALACHA - marijuana BAMBITA - desoxyn or amphetamine derivative BAMBS - meprobamate; also depressants BAMMIES - a poor quality of marijuana BANANAS - temazepam capsules (not now legally available in UK) BANANO - marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine BANG - to inject drugs BANGER - hypodermic needle BANGING - under influence of drugs BANK BANDIT PILLS - depressant BARGAIN BASEMENT - amphetamine BAR - cannabis BARB - barbiturates; also depressants BARBIES - depressant BARBS - barbiturates BARR - codeine cough syrup BARRELS - LSD BART SIMPSON - heroin BASE - coca paste BASE - cocaine BASE - crack BASEBALL - crack BASE CRAZIES - searching on hands and knees for crack BASE HEAD - person who bases BASH - a bulking agent - usually paracetamol with heroin; also refers to marijuana BASING - crack BASUCO - coca paste residue sprinkled on cigarette BATHTUB CRANK - poor quality methamphetamine BATHTUB SPEED - methcathinone BATMANS - MDMA BATT - hypodermic needle BATTERY ACID - LSD BATU - smokeable methamphetamine BAZOOKA - cocaine BAZOOKA - crack; also refers to crack and tobacco combined in a joint BAZULCO - cocaine B-BOMBS - amphetamines; also refers to MDMA BC BUD - marijuana from British Columbia BEAM - cocaine BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE - cocaine & PCP mix BEAMER - crack user BEAMERS - crack cocaine BEANS - amphetamine, also refers to crack, mescaline or depressants BEAST - LSD, also refers to heroin BEAT - to swindle someone out of drugs or money BEAT ARTIST - person selling bogus drugs BEAUTIFUL BOULDERS - crack BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD - LSD BEBE - crack BEDBUGS - fellow addicts BEEDIES - cigarettes from India which resemble marijuana joints BEEMERS - crack BEHIND THE SCALE - to weigh and sell cocaine BEIGING - chemically altering cocaine to make it appear a higher purity or to make it look brown BELLADONNA - PCP BELT - effects of drugs BELTED - under the influence of drugs BELUSHI - cocaine and heroin BELYANDO SPRUCE - marijuana BENDER - drug orgy BENNIE - amphetamine BENNIES - benzedrine BENS - amphetamine, also refers to MDMA BENT - addicted BENZ - benzedrine BERICK - speed/amphetamine BERNICE - cocaine BERNIE - cocaine BERNIE’S FLAKES - cocaine BERNIE’S GOLD DUST - cocaine BHANG - cannabis BIG BAG - heroin BIG BLOKE - cocaine BIG BROWN ONES - ecstasy BIG 'C’ - cocaine BIG 8 - 1/8 kilogram of crack BIG D - LSD BIG H - heroin BIG HARRY - heroin BIG FLAKE - cocaine BIG JOHN - the police BIG MAN - drug supplier BIG O - opium BIG RUSH - cocaine BIKER’S COFFEE - methamphetamine & coffee BILL BLASS - crack BILLIE HOKE - cocaine BILLY - amphetamine BILLY WHIZZ - amphetamine BINDLE - a number of decks fastened together BING - enough of a drug for one injection BINGERS - crack addicts BINGO - to inject a drug BINGS - crack BIRDHEAD - LSD BIRDIE POWDER - heroin BIRDIE POWDER - cocaine BIRDS - amytal BISCUIT - 50 rocks of crack BISCUITS - ecstasy BITE ONE’S LIPS - to smoke marijuana BIZ - equipment for injecting, also refers to a bag or portion of drugs BJs - crack BLACK - cannabis resin BLACK ACID - LSD and PCP BLACK AND WHITE - amphetamine or ecstasy BLACK BEAUTIES - depressant BLACK BEAUTIES - amphetamine BLACK BIRDS - amphetamine BLACK BOMBERS - amphetamine BLACK CADILLACS - amphetamine BLACK DUST - PCP BLACK GANGA - marijuana resin BLACK GOLD - high potency marijuana BLACK GUNGI - marijuana from India BLACK GUNION - marijuana BLACK HASH - opium and hashish BLACK HOLE - the depressant high associated with Ketamine BLACK MO - highly potent marijuana BLACK MOAT - highly potent marijuana BLACK MOLLIES - amphetamine BLACK MOTE - marijuana mixed with honey BLACK PEARL - heroin BLACK PILL - opium pill BLACK ROCK - cannabis crack BLACK ROCK - crack BLACK RUSSIAN - cannabis resin; also refers to opium mixed with hashish BLACK STAR - LSD BLACK STUFF - opium BLACK SUNSHINE - LSD BLACK TABS - LSD BLACK TAR - heroin BLACK WHACK - PCP BLACKS - amphetamine BLAH - marijuana BLANCA - cocaine BLANCO - heroin BLANK - container of non-narcotic powder sold as heroin BLANKET - marijuana cigarette BLANKS - low quality drugs BLAST - to smoke cannabis BLAST - to smoke crack BLAST A JOINT - to smoke cannabis BLAST A ROACH - to smoke cannabis BLAST A STICK - to smoke cannabis BLASTED - under influence of drugs BLAW - cannabis BLIM - small piece of cannabis BLIZZARD - white cloud in a pipe used to smoke cocaine BLOCK - marijuana BLOCKBUSTERS - barbiturates BLOCKED - under influence of drugs BLOCKERS - barbiturates BLONDE - cannabis BLOTTER - LSD impregnated in paper BLOTTER ACID - LSD BLOW - to smoke cannabis or crack BLOW - to inhale cocaine BLOW A FIX - injection misses the vein and is wasted BLOW A SHOT - injection misses the vein and is wasted BLOW THE VEIN - injection misses the vein and is wasted BLOW OUT - spoil an injection BLOW A STICK - smoke cannabis BLOW BLUE - to inhale cocaine BLOWCAINE - crack diluted with cocaine BLOW COKE - to inhale cocaine BLOW ONE’S ROOF - to smoke marijuana B.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a baseball fan. Nonetheless I find myself working on an assignment which requires the use of baseball metaphors, and lots of 'em. )One that doesn't appear to be on the Wikipedia page is "went the distance." A pitcher who "goes the distance" pitches the entire game, without being pulled from the game in favor of a relief pitcher.

If this writer remembers correctly, his frustrated manager said that Barton was doing that "sacrificing" on his own.

Barton must have gotten the message (and a few manager spikes up his butt) because he only had two sacrifice bunts the rest of the season.

From now on, every time a batter bunts for a sacrifice on his own volition, we can name the action after Daric Barton. Perhaps the Fan is dating himself, but some time ago, there was a bombshell named Bo Derek in Hollywood.


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