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and "MAKO/Files Online Within The Church " have been convicted by a court of law..

(The MAKO/Files Online also lists Child Killers and individuals convicted of other forms of child abuse/ NOT only child sexual abuse) A typical online MAKO/File may include the offenders name, age (2008), photo where possible, occupation, offence/s committed, sentence received by the court and the last known location MAKO can verify.

Under ANCOR, people convicted of sexual or other serious offences against children will be required to register with police and provide details such as club memberships and even travel plans.

Victoria's sex offenders register is growing by 500 people a year and has reached almost 4000, according to statistics released this morning.

The Marriage Act 1961 was eventually passed in a conscience vote on 22 March 1961, with an attempt by Victorian Senator George Hannan to insert a definition of marriage as "the voluntary union of one man and one woman for life to the exclusion of all others" rejected in a 40-8 vote.


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    What transpires is a tragic love story of a household and its inhabitants, caught in the crucible of dark deep secrets.

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    These services make it more convenient than ever for men to buy sex, but they leave the women in as much danger as before–if not more, because malicious johns are harder to track online. If adapted to sex work, dating technologies could make prostitution healthier for everyone involved. The Internet has made it easier than ever to turn to prostitution, and it’s made the process of selling sex more efficient: No need for a pimp or a brothel, just an Internet connection and a sex worker can be in business. has taken a tact that is different from social democracies in Europe in terms of its sex work policies.

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    The house has 3 double bedrooms, one en suite, and one main family bathroom, one of the bedrooms can be made into a twin or a double.