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It would go on to earn five Oscar nominations and become the highest grossing French film of all time.

Here’s Audrey Tautou yesterday at the Champs Elysees Christmas lighting ceremony in Paris. Did you know that there are actually Nicole Kidman fans out there who believe her when she says she’s never had botox?

Much to her delight, the teen did not have to wait long for landing the chance as she was quickly given a role in a TV-movie production entitled Coeur de cible (1996) which afterwards led to a handful of others for the two following years.

With her glowing talent plus attractive fresh look, Audrey certainly did not have much difficulties to impress critics to later find herself receiving Best Young Actress Award at Jeune Comedien de Cinema Festival in 1998 also Best Newcomer from Canal by year 1999, directing her to gain wider public attention in the country.

However, it was not until the dark-haired girl appeared in Tonie Marshall's Venus Beauty Institute (1999) that she finally encountered the national recognition she had aimed for.