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And as they smile, they use facial muscles which trigger the release of neurochemicals in their brain associated with feelings of pleasure — and they are thus likely to feel happy in your company.

"So smile: It’s cheap, easy and a primordial mechanism for making friends and finding a mate." "While over-focusing on appearance can lead to a kind of superficiality, people who eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep just look healthier and more attractive," Burgo said.

The second portion was completed on a computer, where an image of their partner popped up for 300 milliseconds (a third of a second), followed by a word.

You'll get a good mood boost, burn some calories, potentially live longer, and, you know, blow off some steam (read about even more health benefits here). The first included a survey in which the participants had to rate the level of satisfaction in their relationship by rating qualities of their marriage (i.e, “bad-good, dissatisfied-satisfied, unpleasant-pleasant”), whether they agreed with different statements (like: "We have a good marriage"), and overall happiness with their partner, according to a press release.

Most people enjoy those who are curious about them and are likely to find you more attractive, friendly, and interesting." "It’s a sure way to make yourself more attractive to others," Fisher said.