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Perhaps you are a young woman who would like dating someone who can help you financially, maybe even a rich guy.

Men, find the perfect woman to enter into a sugar daddy arrangement with. Find the right woman who understands and agrees with the basis of your special friendship!

“I,m very easy going & fun loving and very caring and well behaved man I love the beach, just learning to surf; I’ve only road in maybe eight waves but I have fallen on my face quite a bit. I get out a lot down along the beach in Brookyln espercially the Jones beach park.

The park offers fine surf bathing along 6.5 miles of ...” “ I want a person that will accept me for who i am,a person that i can rely on either financially or morally which i will surely reciprocate.

Love to try things that are exciting and different in women and in all I do ...” “I am a 35 year old man. I am a kind hearted man and always want the people in my life to be happy and will treat you with the most love and respect....” “I'm a person, who is confident, considerate, patient, honest, sincere, loyal, healthy fit, affectionate, financially independent and full of fun.


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