Are justin and selena still dating 2016 Hot not camchat

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(Photo by Kristy Sparow/Wire Image) Selena Gomez attend the CR Fashion Book Issue No.5 Launch Party hosted by Carine Roitfeld and Stephen Gan at The Peninsula Paris on September 30, 2014 in Paris, France.

(Photo by Kristy Sparow/Wire Image) Justin Bieber and his on again/off again girlfriend Selena Gomez head to Hit Factory on April 8, 2014 in Miami, Florida.

Just last Thursday, Bieber liked a photo posted by his ex, singer Selena Gomez, which made everybody in the universe dance the Hully Gully and poop their pants. We’re now in a dry spell of religious holidays to look forward to, but of course there is Memorial Day looming, its own kind of sacred rite.

It is a big deal when Justin Bieber likes a Selena Gomez Instagram—let alone when it’s a photo of her sitting at a piano in a bikini—or when she comments on one of his, which also happened recently. What are they trying to tell us with all this coded stuff on Instagram, small and subtle but still very much out in the open? That great “it’s not really warm enough to go swimming” kick-off to summer.

It’s such a big to-do because, what does it all mean?? (If they were poking each other back and forth on Facebook, would any of us know? We’ll keep guessing about this until there’s nothing left to guess about. We’ll barbecue with friends, or go to the family beach house, or sit in the dim living room, shades drawn and air conditioner dripping, watching a marathon in the dark.