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Ques: You are working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali so early in your career Ranveer: He is a dream director. Ques: But your fight with him over your beard was reported Ranveer: It was a particularly tough day and there was stress.There are a number of stories of him being temperamental and a difficult director to work with and to a certain extent there is some truth to it. I trimmed my beard a little more than required and it was a mistake So it kind of led to some sort of stress.

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Now that Virat Kohli’s out of the picture and Deepika Padukone is far away hobnobbing with international celebrities, Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh, who were earlier known to be dating each other and still share a close friendship, decided to spread some cheer collectively.

Anushka made her biggest fan’s dream come true and also brought along Ranveer Singh as a bonus!

Anushka Sharma unveiled the trailer of the second film under her home production Clean Slate Films on February 6.

The fans and people from the industry were in for a pleasant surprise seeing the fresh content of Anushka’s latest venture.

Their friendly banter on the micro-blogging platform is giving massive exes-turned-BFFs goals.