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What would be the worst thing you could develop an allergy to? Burns like someone is holding a flame-thrower to my head."In what Lyndsey describes as her "life before" she worked for the Department for Work and Pensions until the spring of 2005 when her skin started to react to the glare from computer screens and fluorescent lights, making any kind of office job impossible (as well as bus and train journeys, visits to supermarkets and doctors' surgeries).

Fortunately she was very understanding, the food was excellent, and I paid her the money back afterwards.

You feel initially embarrassed because you feel like, “Oh my God, I’m replicating the rhythm of Larry,” and then you realize, “Well, actually, that’s the way I talk anyway.

Because I talk like him.” When did you first meet Larry?

I was doing “Of Mice and Men” and we met for lunch. I don’t really think of myself as funny, and I also was hesitant because I suspected Larry would be unpleasant and not superkind or patient. Why would he have patience for the things that I felt he would need to have patience for in order to do this?

But within five minutes of meeting him, I thought I could sit across from this guy for a long time and be really happy.

I'm enthusiastic lady and I like active lifestyle.