Android twitter widget not updating Free date and chat no credit to email

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After updating the software from 1.7.1 to 1.7.2 I noticed that my RSS feeds stopped updating. I expect you've created a Display Profile in the CMS which is preventing the Player from connecting to the CMS except for a very small window over midnight.

After trying steps to get them to update I ended up assigning the players the default layout from Xibo rebooting the players and then reassigning them my current layout with successful results. If you fill either apply the patch mentioned above or set a wider window you will be OK Oh right.

Arguably, the most well-known widget on Android is the Clock & Weather widget from HTC, but that's obviously limited to HTC devices.

The best universal Android widget that does the same thing is the one from Beautiful Widgets, which also offers the same functionality in a variety of differences sizes and configurations and tosses in a few bonus widgets such as a battery monitor and some configuration toggles.

But, you can also view it in list form below, with links to the Android Market for each of the widgets.