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When I first heard what he had to say, I felt it might be too much of a complaint, especially since it was about being stuck in Europe, where we happened to be; I thought to myself, “Oh, great, complain about being stuck in Europe.” But I thought, basically, it was a good idea, so I figured I’d just go with it and try to come up with music that would fit that theme.

[A few months later], Michael was doing a guest appearance on the [TV] show [], and I was there with him, and there was a piano in the room where we were waiting in between takes for the show.

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He’s here this week to put the finishing touches on his new CD. I said, sounds good.” It’s true, yes, but Bublé is self-aware enough to realize that it also sounds good to the media machine that’s churning around him, which has him cast as a handsome young Sinatra without the Chairman’s menace.

As he parks his rented PT Cruiser in the driveway outside Foster’s Chartmaker Studio, he says: “The people at Warner said they were renting me some fancy-dancy sports car. In the next breath, the nice, diffident boy unfazed by showbiz culture becomes the cocky, wise-cracking “kid,” a joker who can deliver a line worthy of Sinatra himself.

When the band disbanded, Foster remained in Los Angeles and together with Jay Graydon he formed the band Airplay, whose album of the same name is often labeled as important within the west coast AOR genre.

He played on George Harrison’s album Extra Texture ,in 1975.

Can you imagine what kind of schmuck I’d look like? As we walk past Foster’s gleaming, high-end BMW, Bublé glances at it and remarks: “That’s a small penis car.” Inside, he happily greets fellow Vancouver singer Nelly Furtado, who is alone in the sound booth recording vocals for a duet with Bublé on the bossa nova standard Quando Quando Quando.