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In considering physiological effects of molybdenum deficiency and excess, and possible toxic effects of molybdenum, it is important to know whether it accumulates in the body as a result of repeated exposure to low doses.

The evidence obtained with experimental animals is that molybdenum is absorbed and excreted rapidly but the rate of excretion is less than the rate of absorption so there is some accumulation of molybdenum in the body (especially bones) and the amount stored increases with dose.

By chance, sodium ascorbate by itself was found to stimulate the production of oxytocin from ovarian tissue over a range of concentrations in a dose-dependent manner.

Amastatin, bestatin (ubenimex), leupeptin, and puromycin have been found to inhibit the enzymatic degradation of oxytocin, though they also inhibit the degradation of various other peptides, such as vasopressin, met-enkephalin, and dynorphin A.

The last hydrolysis that releases the active oxytocin nonapeptide is catalyzed by peptidylglycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase (PAM).

The activity of the PAM enzyme system is dependent upon vitamin C (ascorbate), which is a necessary vitamin cofactor.

Irrespective of their role in oral health, these trace elements form an indispensable part of human growth and nutrition.