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"We felt the Ashley brand was very valuable and wasn’t something to throw away," Rob Segal, ruby's new CEO, told Business Insider in a telephone interview along with company president James Millership.

As ruby focuses on security improvements, it can boast that roughly 17 million people have signed up for the site It took nearly a year for the company to find a new CEO.

News flash: More and more women are jumping outside their marriages in search of no-strings-attached sex. An Internet connection and an account on a site like Ashley

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And it's still enduring multiple legal battles since the massive breach of its database in July 2015 exposed the identities of 32 million users.

But its new leadership team — on the job for just four months — thinks it can turn all of that negativity around, regain the trust of old users while bringing more into the fold, and revamp the much-criticized brand.

The parent company of the infamous dating web site Ashley Madison, which made its name as a place for married people to find partners for affairs, is trying to recover from a terrible year. (the "ruby" is intentionally lower case), the company formerly known as Avid Life Media is currently under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.

It was the subject of a "highly critical" review by Australian government investigators in August.

But if I wasn't and I wanted to spice up my life with a bout of infidelity, there are several dating websites designed with that in mind.