dns updating software - After updating bios blank screen

Can you tell me what part of my computer is causing this black out?I get questions that boil down to this symptom quite often.

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After updating bios blank screen personalsdating net

There’s simply no single “part of my computer” to point at.

There are many things to look at, and look for, so I’ll review the most common causes and remedies.

My mother said that it happened right after she installed windows updates. hope this helps , Download the "ACPI Flash BIOS version 2.30 for Satellite L770/L775" (if that is your model) or the most updated BIOS you can find for your model.

I've installed new drivers (I think), and there were 5 remaining updates in windows that I installed and it still goes black. Tim This has happened also to my toshiba laptop when I installed the new update a couple of days ago. Disconnect the battery from the bottom of the computer. I was having the same issues, but this resolved it for me!

In older computers, the fans were very powerful (remember the loud computers of yesteryears? Now the manufacturers assume that computers sit in air-conditioned comfort all day. Turn on the air-conditioning and install an additional fan in the room if possible c.


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