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From European to "Africaander” The modern Afrikaner is descended mainly from Western Europeans who settled on the southern tip of Africa during the middle of the 17th century.

Portuguese mariners discovered the sea passage to the East round Cape Point in 1488 and in the course of their visits, came into contact with the Khoi.

In 1657 officials (mostly Dutch and Germans) could retire from the Company's service and become Free Burghers (independent farmers). Pama, by 1867 the ' Afrikaners' constituted a mixture of: Dutch (34, 8%) Germans (33, 7%) French (13, 2%) People of colour (7%) British (5, 2%) Unknown origin (3, 5%) Other Europeans (2, 6%) A unique cultural group was formed which identified itself completely with African soil.

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In 2006, a census determined that just over 5 million South Africans speak Afrikaans as their home language.

Afrikaans is also spoken in the Republic of Namibia, and by South Africans living and working in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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