Accra dating ghana scams speed dating rules and regulations

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Correspondents who quickly move to discussion of intimate matters could well be the inventions of scammers.

If they are after your money, eventually they will ask for it.

A large number of victims are enticed into believing they have been singled out from the masses, to share in multi-million dollar windfall profit, or the person is a female living in Ghana and is looking for love.

Mostly, the woman will tell you that she is not a Ghanaian, but is in Ghana for a purpose and needs money to be able to travel and join you wherever you are.

I met this guy online from Accra Ghana we only chatted online a month he ask me to marry him and move to Ghana with him I told him no things are moving to fast we need time now all of a sudden he needs a laptop because he damage the one he had for his job I told him no thats not my problem my gut feeling he is a scammer.