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Whether Nathan had heard the “riddle” before or whether he surmised that mathematics couldn’t solve the scenario remains a mystery. How can we meet their needs when there are so many other demands on teachers’ time?

Nevertheless, most teachers have had similar experiences with children who are talented in mathematics and strong in logical reasoning. This article will address these and other questions in an attempt to shed some light on the difficult issues of challenging and nurturing children who demonstrate talent in the field of mathematics.

The Puzzle of Differentiating Learning for Gifted Students by Barbara Swicord, Ed. President, Summer Institute for the Gifted Differentiation is a term that is widely used in educational circles these days.

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With approximately 3 million gifted students in grades K-12 in the United States, how can we be sure we’re meeting their unique needs?

We spend so much time helping our struggling students that more often than not our gifted students are getting left at the wayside.

In this article, a brief explanation, of SEM is provided as a summary of the research conducted on this approach.

The review of the research is subdivided into (a) the effectiveness of the model as perceived by key groups, (b) research related to creative productivity, (c) research relating to personal and social development, (d) the use of SEM with underserved populations, (e) research on self-efficacy, (f) the use of SEM as a curricular framework, (g) research relating to learning styles and curriculum compacting, and (h) longitudinal research on the SEM.

However, options based on enrichment are not as well supported by research as are programs based on acceleration.