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The new, single-camera comedy, with generally high laugh counts, is very dialogue-driven, and doesn’t shy away from repeating a single joke several times (perhaps the best example of this, not mentioned here, is takes it to a whole new level still: Every line warrants—and gets—a reaction, whether verbal (muttered under Liz Lemon’s breath) or visual (the melodramatic expressions of Tracy, Kenneth or really any other character).

Armed with a couch, TV, Netflix subscription, extra-large bag of popcorn, and a worrying amount time on my hands, I recently decided to take a deep look into the structure of various television comedies.

The project essentially consisted of sitting around and binging on numerous shows, all under the guise of “work”. comedies—chosen to reflect some variety, but otherwise an arbitrary selection—and calculated the average jokes per minute of three episodes of each.

Every week, our Tekspert answers one question about digital technology. When you’re browsing the internet, you’ve probably come across the annoying phenomenon known as “pop-ups,” those boxes or windows of text and images that literally pop up over the webpage you’re reading.

Pop-ups can be third-party advertising messages or messages from the website itself.

But TV comedy of late has evolved to a more film-evocative, single-camera system, without a laughing track, and the shows in this category produced a very high joke count, from the zany is a single-camera show and so is arguably an anomaly here, but it also sits comfortably with the family sitcom, even if not in the traditional sense.