1 year dating anniversary gifts for a guy

And I know how much my husband loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

I had also just been to the Dollar Store the day before and notice a section of garage sale materials, including the little circle stickers.

SO we commissioned Kayley, the super talented designer behind Ollie And Lulu, to create some custom gift tickets and ticket holders for us.

If you haven’t checked out her pretty prints already, you really need to.

My girlfriend read it and was crying halfway through, she loved I decided to offer a Love Book for my boyfriends anniversary gift :) with your lovely help it arrived here way earlier than I expected. Our anniversary is a little while away but I think he will be delighted, It was great! But it was amazing and we will be keeping I purchased a book for a surprise wedding anniversary gift for my husband. A brilliant I made a book for my husband as an anniversary gift. I'm always the one giving unique gifts and this one topped all previous ones.